Terms and Condition

Terms and Conditions

We will always try to ensure that you arrive at your destination on time however, we will not be made liable for any delays that occur out of our control i.e. we will not be held responsible for any meeting/ appointment/ flight missed as a result of traffic or road conditions out of the control of our drivers instructed otherwise by their client will always travel by the most convenient route whether it is the shortest or not.

The driver has the right to refuse to carry any passenger who is thought to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs or whose behavior poses a threat to himself, vehicle or any other passenger.

We will charge a valeting fee of £180 for damage/fouling of the vehicle (e.g. vomiting).

There is a minimum charge of (E Class) and (S Class) on request and special rates are also available for account holders and extended hires.

We will accept no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage to client's property/luggage whilst in the car however, all lost items will be stored in our office till claimed.

We will ask not to smoke or consume alcohol in the vehicle unless until it is requested in advance and permission is granted.

Late bookings (within 2 hours of required time) will only be accepted subject to availability.

A reasonable amount of passenger luggage is allowed, however if the volume of weight is excessive we reserve the right to refuse carriage of the excess luggage.

In the event of a breakdown, we reserve the right to provide a different vehicle to the one booked. If the vehicle is of a lesser standard, an adjustment to the hire cost will be made to compensate for this.

All of our quotes include up to 45 minutes waiting time calculated from actual flight landing time after which an excess will be charged per 30 minutes or part thereof and must be paid directly to the driver (unless other arrangements have been made).

All Drivers from Flyway Carriages will hold a valid Local Authority Private Hire License.

All cars are regularly serviced and inspected twice a year by the relevant Authorities.

Vehicles used by Flyway Carriages are fully insured for passenger and third party claims under British Law.

As stated by The Department of Transport children will not have to use any child restraints' when traveling by private hire cars provided that they are not traveling in the front (It is the parent/guardian of the child's responsibility to allow the child to do so). However children of 3 years and over must continue to wear an adult belt.

Also it is the responsibility of the parent/or guardian to fit the ‘child restraint' properly and not that of the driver of the private hire vehicle.

The Company has the right to refuse any job, company will not take responsibility in case of emergency, booking error, delays due to traffic congestion, road works, weather, mechanical failure etc.


Bookings may be subject to additional booking charges.

For corporate clients payment must be received within the individually agreed periods ranging from 2-4 weeks after the invoice has been sent.

Service charges will be applicable to bookings of account holders which is variable between 10-15% depending on the volume of bookings made from the account.

Bookings may be subject to additional waiting time and car park charges, therefore we will include these additional charges for excessive parking and entrance fees where appropriate unless a fully inclusive charge has been quoted beforehand. We ensure to make every effort to keep this to a minimum level.

A 50% deposit is required to be paid in advanced before any hire commences in the case of weddings, tours, trips, race meetings and any provisional bookings are not binding until the deposit is received by Flyway Carriages or instructions have been received from the management.

Extra pickup or drop offs will cost an additional 10% of the quoted price within half a mile, otherwise this will be charged according to miles.

Flyway Carriages will accept all major credit cards.

We reserve the right to levy a 50% surcharge on any public holiday, with the exception of Christmas Day and New Year's Day when a 100% surcharge will be levied.


We reserve the right of no return if cancellation is done:
8-hours prior to your journey time.
For more than 8 hours time a 90% refund will be made.